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Determination of turbidity

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General information:

Turbidity comes from the turbidus Latin which means troubled. Turbidity is the reduction of the transparency of a liquid, caused by the presence of undissolved materials. Turbidity is one of the most important parameters of drinking water and is due to the presence in the water of particles of organic or inorganic nature, particles that are in suspension and that do not sediment (do not settle) over time.

Referential after which the analysis is performed:

The analysis for the determination of turbidity in drinking water is performed within its own laboratory according to the standard national SR EN ISO 7027/2001.

Principle of the method:

Determination of turbidity to drinking water is performed using the electronic turbidimeter.

Canss of sample rejection – amount of unsuitable sample, samples collected in inappropriate containers, samples not properly labelled, etc.

Recipient – clean container.

The amount of sample required to perform the analysis - minimum 100ml.

Processing required after harvesting – not required.

Sample stability – freshly harvested water is stable for 2 days at 2-8°C or 6 hours at ambient temperature.

The analysis method - electrochemical.

Reference values according to the Water Law1)

Parameter / Unit of measurement

CA value (Maximum permissible concentration)

Turbidity2) , UNT



max. 5,00

2) For water resulting from the treatment of a surface source, it will not exceed 1.0 BUTTER (non-thermal turbidity units) before disinfection.

Recommendations for performing the analysis/ Effects of exceeding the reference values

Turbidity characterizes the degree of impurity, lack of clarity and transparency of water (or other liquid). Water that is not clear, shows a certain level of turbidity.
Turbidity for a liquid is like smoke for air. The impurities that produce turbidity are very fine and cannot be individualized with the naked eye. They remain dispersed in the volume of liquid. Thus the liquids seem unclear to us and cannot be crossed with the eyes. It is important not to confuse the turbidity and color of the water. Unlike turbidity, where particles remain solid, the color of the water is due to substances dissolved in water. Special filters are used to reduce water turbidity.



  1. LEGEA 458/2002 as amended and supplemented by Law no. 311/2004, Government Ordinance no. 11/2010, Law no. 124/2010 and Government Ordinance no. 1/2011


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Malina D. 06.01.2021
Finally, in the bulletins we appear and the interpretation of the results not only a number in a house, without explanations as it is at other laboratories in Romania!
Delia Grigoriu 06.01.2021
Vitamins for dietary supplements can also be determined! Super this initiative. Affordable prices reported to the Romanian market.
Delia Grigoriu 06.01.2021
Finally in Romania you can determine the vitamins in the feed!

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