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Determination of nitrates (nitrates)

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General information:

Azotates or Nitrates is a most common chemical it comes from water as a result of infiltration into the groundwater in agricultural areas where fertilizer is intensively used, but equally it can also come from manure of improperly stored animals.

Referential after which the analysis is performed:

The analysis for the determination of nitrates in drinking water is performed within its own laboratoryato according to the standard national SR ISO 7890-3:2000.

Principle of the method:

Determination of nitrates in drinking water is performed spectrophotometrically in the presence of sodium salicylate and sodium azide at 415nm.

Sample rejection cases – quantity of inappropriate sample, sample collected in inappropriate containers, samples not properly labelled, etc.

Recipient – clean container.

The amount of sample required to perform the analysis - minimum 100ml.

Processing required after harvesting – not required.

Stable sample – freshly harvested water is stable for 2 days at 2-8°C or 6 hours at ambient temperature.

The analysis method - spectrophotometric.

Reference values according to the Water Law1)

Parameter / Unit of measurement

CA value (Maximum permissible concentration)

Nitrates2) , mg/L



max. 50,00


+ =< 1

50 3

Recommendations for performing the analysis/ Effects of exceeding the reference values

It is extremely important to avoid using water with high nitrate levels when drinking. This is especially important both for people (for infants and young children, nursing mothers, pregnant women and the elderly, certain special categories of chronically ill people) and for small poultry-type animals especially in the range of 0-15 days, large animals of the type pigs, cows, sheep, goats especially in young (starter period). The threat is deadly to humans and animals especially infants or young animals also known as blue suffocation. It poses an immediate threat when found in drinking water at levels above the standard. Nitrates are converted to nitrites in the intestines. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, nitrites destroy hemoglobin that contributes to the transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. (older children and adults have an enzyme that restores hemoglobin levels, the same is true in animals)  

Also, when you know that there are nitrates in water, it must be removed from the calculation to consume it as drinking water. DO NOT boil water in an attempt to reduce nitrates!  By boiling increases nitrate concentrations and automatically potential risks. If you are concerned about nitrates, talk to your water filter supplier. 

In order to reduce the level of nitrates in the water, special filters and denitrification installations are used.



  1. LEGEA 458/2002 as amended and supplemented by Law no. 311/2004, Government Ordinance no. 11/2010, Law no. 124/2010 and Government Ordinance no. 1/2011


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