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pH determination

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General Information:

The pH represents the logarithm with a changed sign of the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. The notion of pH quantitatively expresses the acidity (or basicity) of a substance, based on the concentration of ions called hydronium H3O+

0 ≤ pH ≤ 7 = > pH acid | acid solution?

pH = 7 = > pH neutral | neutral solution?

7 ≤ pH ≤ 14 = basic pH > | basic solution

The referential after which the analysis is performed:

The analysis for determining the pH of drinking and waste water is performed within its own laboratory according to the national standard SR EN ISO 10523:2012.

Principle of the method:

The determination of the pH of the drinking and spent water is performed with the help of the electronic pH meter provided with a glass electrode.

Causes of sample rejection – quantity of unsuitable sample, samples collected in inappropriate containers, samples not properly labeled, etc.

Harvesting container – clean container.

Quantity of sample required to perform the analysis - minimum 100ml.

Necessary processing after harvesting – not required.

Sample stability – freshly harvested water is stable for 2 days at 2-8°C or 6 hours at ambient temperature.

Method of analysis - electrochemical.

Reference values according to the Law on Drinking Water1

Parameter / Unit of measurement

CMA value (Maximum permissible concentration)

pH2),3) (pH units)



6.5... 9.5

2) Water should not be aggressive

3) For bottled still water, the minimum value can be reduced up to 4.5 pH units. For bottled water that naturally contains or is enriched with carbon dioxide, the pH value may be lower

Recommendations for performing the analysis / Effects of exceeding the reference values

Highly acidic or alkaline substances affect the pH of the water, with multiple negative consequences. Fish usually die at pH 4.5. On this line, the great problem of acid rains has appeared in recent decades, which have led not only to the death of forests, but also to the "death " of many lakes, especially in northern Europe, a phenomenon that is difficult to combat, so the pH value can be a good indicator of water pollution. Specific installations are used to regulate the pH of the water.



  1. LAW 458/2002 with subsequent amendments to Law no. 311/2004, Government Ordinance no. 11/2010, Law no. 124/2010 and Government Ordinance no. 1/2011


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Tatiana Onita 18.01.2021
Tatiana Onita Fast results, good quality consultancy! Recommend!
Malina D. 06.01.2021
Finally, in the bulletins we appear and the interpretation of the results not only a number in a house, without explanations as it is at other laboratories in Romania!
bujor coca 06.01.2021
Excellent quality / price ratio! Congratulations also for the promotions that you organize periodically!

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