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Determination of vitamin B1

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Thiamine or vitamin B1, also known as aneurin because of its anti-aneurystic properties, is a water-soluble vitamin of vitamin B complex. Also called "the vitamin of good mood " or "the vitamin of intellectual performance ", vitamin B1 it is indispensable for physical and mental health, having beneficial effects on the nervous system, digestive system, but also on the muscles and even on the heart.


In the form of pyrophosphate (TPP), vitamin B1 has the role of coenzyme in decarboxylation reactions, essential for proticide and carbohydrate metabolism. It is indispensable for brain activity and myelination of peripheral nerves. Another type of connection between vitamin B1 and the nervous system involves its role in the production of acetylcholine. This molecule, a neurotransmitter, is used by the nervous system that transmits messages between nerves and muscles. Acetylcholine cannot be produced without an adequate intake of vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1 diminishes the pain felt (adjuvant in treating shingles).


The recommended daily dose (RDA) of vitamin B1 is from 0.4 to 1.2 mg per day for children, 1.3 mg for adolescents and women, and 1.5 mg for male subjects; they are higher in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding and also in case of chronic alcoholism (because then, necessities increase while food intakes are often insufficient).

According to EU Regulation 1169 RDA which is ethical on food is 1.1mg thiamine per day.

Thiamine sources

The richest source of vitamin B1 is brewer's yeast. Among the sources rich in vitamin B1 are the meat of porc, vita, certain species of pests (t siparul, tonul), the whole harvests and whole grain bread (black bread, from bran), brown rice (paddy), seeds of whole grains (black bread, from bran), brown rice (paddy), seeds of sunflower, nuchs, allows, dried vegetables (faces, linte) and cartofs.


Vitamin B1 is sensitive to the action of heat, in a humid environment, to light and neutral and alkaline pH. It is degradable when boiling or baking. It is also quickly annihilated in contact with zahar, caffeinine, the tannins contained in certain plants, alcool and nicotin . Grain refining (husking) and treating fruits with sulphites destroy vitamin B1.

In serum circulates partly related to albumins. up to 85% of the amount of thiamine is taken over by erythrocytes; the excess is eliminated by urina.


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Delia Grigoriu 06.01.2021
Vitamins for dietary supplements can also be determined! Super this initiative. Affordable prices reported to the Romanian market.
Delia Grigoriu 06.01.2021
Finally in Romania you can determine the vitamins in the feed!

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